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in the city of l'aquila. the defendants were members of an advisory committee which met in l'awuila just six days before the -- l'aquila just six days before the earthquake shtruck. they had said there were no signs of concern the preceding six months. prime minister mariano rajoy's party influence has increased in galicia. >> despite rising unemployment and a deepening recession in spain, the conservatives did manage to retain their majority. >> the conservatives' leader in galica gets to keep his job after sunday possible. his party even expanded its majority in the regional parliament. they feared a backlash after cutting spending. >> in a crisis like we're going through now, it is unusual to receive as much support as we did. >> the opposition socialists trailed in second place, suggesting voters do not trust them to solve spain's economic woes. elections were also held in the basque region. >> participation by all rational, political forces and no violence have made today a great day for democracy. >> the basque pro-independence alliance came in second. observers are waiting to see whet
to make landfall. forecasters say it is on track to combine with an oncoming cold front. >> new york city has come to a standstill. officials have shut down public transport, schools, and the stock exchange. >> the national hurricane service says the storm and is gaining strength as it turns toward the coast. >> in norfolk, va., hurricane sandy is hitting the coast with strong winds and heavy rains. some areas are already under water. even though the full force of the storming is yet to come. in ocean city, md., the first signs of the approaching storm can also be felt. authorities have closed the city's beach. >> this is a big one. it is supposed to be huge. everybody is supposed to evacuate from 17th street down. >> this is almost a ghost town. the residents have either left or barricaded themselves inside their homes. only a couple of daring beachgoers remain. >> [no audio] >> further north, in new york, preparations have been underway for days. people in low-lying areas are bracing themselves for flooding. at this long beach hospital, several buildings are being evacuated. almost 400,
sandy flooded cities, washed out bridges, and caused billions of dollars in damage. >> but new york city is making it clear it is back in business. mayor michael bloomberg rate in the opening bell at the new york stock exchange, which was closed for two days. >> the storm killed over 40 people on the east coast and caused unprecedented damage. >> life is slowly returning to normal in new york. on wall street, major stock their first two-day closure ine- over a century. emergency generators provided the power. most of lower manhattan is still in the dark. an unusual event in the city that never sleeps. >> you look uptown, and you see lights. you look downtown and it is completely black. i was driving with a partner of mine, and i said that i do not think we will ever see something like this again. >> it is scary seeing new york like this, but i am happy to be alive. >> a little confusion, but it is still not so bad. you can get around and maneuver a little bit, and that is it. >> sandy also took out the subway line, which carries 1/3 of new york's workforce each day. flooded tunnels and m
in caracas -- on the surface, a to could be any city in the world, but after nearly a decade and a half of revolution, young people here care about more than fun. they are very politically engaged. >> i am sure that young people will vote for chavez on sunday, a vote for the candidate who has our best interest in hard. and he is attending a campaign event with the sports minister, handing out equipment to society's underprivileged. he wants the social programs introduced during the revolution to continue. >> the challenge for us young people is to move forward with the revolution. also for the sake of the next generation. >> chavez is promising to continue the path to socialism. he has already nationalized the oil industry, pouring in from into programs for the poor -- pouring in come from the programs -- >> but others have already given up on ghavez -- chavez and his fight for the less fortunate. the challenger has made the rapidly rising crime rate his main issue. >> we do not want to live like this, with violence and out of control crime. >> of venezuela is considered one of the most
much flooding in its wake. >> here is more from america's most populous city. >> the storm has moved on, but the water remains. many of the city's road and subway tunnels are still flooded. public transport will be out of action for days to come. the effects of sandy can be seen on the streets -- residents are relieved that the worst is now behind them. >> well, last night, we could look down this street here, and we saw the river coming toward us. it actually look like something out of a movie. it was unbelievable. >> near central park, a crane dangles from a construction site over the street below. the storm caused it to partially collapsed. there are still strong winds, but nothing like those of monday night, which saw gusts of up to 130 kilometers per hour. there were record levels of flood water. emergency services are working around the clock. firefighters were called to a large blaze in the borough of queens. over 80 houses burned down. residents managed to escape. >> there are numerous trapped civilians. we cannot get any apparatus down the block due to chest-high water, but we
people are dead in the syrian city of aleppo after a suicide bombing in the government controlled part of the city. >> aleoppo has been a major battleground. the two sides seemed to be deadlocked. >> deep craters in the crate a huge amount of explosives was used in this attack. months of warfare have reduced the once magnificent buildings in the square to ruins. wednesday's explosions ripped through a military office club and a hotel. it is caught most of those killed were government soldiers. -- thought most of those killed were government soldiers. >> we condemn these crimes and we contain the nation's plotting against us to support the terrorists. >> ralph forces suspected of carrying out the attack announced last week a new offensive aimed at retaking the city. these images from tuesday's show clashes between government forces and rebels in the city. the rebels are seeking to advanced street by street from the east. the army has control of the west. neither side appears to have made significant gains. president bashar al-assad is said to have ordered thousands of reinforcements to
with one goal -- to get more women in politics. not an easy task in this conservative city. she has a hard time convincing even women to vote for her. >> the women's list has to appeal directly to women, asking questions like, "why don't you push for your rights? why can women the decision makers? why can a woman not say what she needs -- how much water, electricity, or whatever else?" >> these are the first elections of any sort in six years, but one key political force is boycotting the contest. hamas says the elections are not fair. the poll this been completely canceled in the gaza strip. >> we all know about this division between dogs and the west bank, and if these elections are held without gauze and jerusalem, then the division will only get worse. we want a unified palestinian people. >> out on the streets, opinions are mixed. no one should boycott the election. voting is a human right that we should all exercise. >> we've been waiting for any election since 2006. it is an important step in a vote for the democratic people. it is what we need. >> i'm not going to vote. with local
, hoping to convince him they needed a bosnian muslim in city hall to speak for their interests. they did not get what they wanted. >> the united states expects that whoever is elected mayor of this community will work very hard for reconciliation and will be working for all the citizens of the city. >> survivors find that hard to believe. >> just a thought of someone becoming mayor who is in part responsible for those events leaves me speechless. >> at the side of the worst european atrocities since world war ii, many serbs deny what international courts have ruled a genocide. >> what genocide? that was not genocide. it was civil war. >> 17 years on, many survivors say the election outcome could silence the bosnian muslim voice of srebrenica. >> coming up on the good news for passengers who missed their flights. >> first, some stories in the headlines. hong kong has paid tribute to the 38 victims of monday's collision between the ferryboat and the other boat. they observed three minutes of silence. officials held a memorial service. the accident was hong kong's worst maritime disaster in
kilometers from the turkish border, syrian rebels have seized the city. they witnessed the victory celebrations. most of the population fled while it was occupied by government troops. now that the rebels are in control, people are starting to return. >> i'm back in my town after one year, four months. i'm so excited. i'm so happy. >> the fighting continues elsewhere in syria. clashes were especially heavy in homs. there was fighting across the city. what's coming up, hugo chavez wins a fourth term in venezuela. >> here is a look at other stories making news. two afghan intelligence officers have been reported killed in a suicide attack in a southern city. a car bomb went off outside a police station. 14 people were also sent to the wounded. >> the libyan parliament has dismissed the prime minister- elect for rejecting his revised cabinet lineup. the criticized his ministerial choices saying they did not adequately represent all the regions and tribes. >> the opposition leader has declared she is willing to stand in the next presidential election in 2015. the national league for de
. the fukushima daiichi forced thousands to flee the towns and cities around the plant. some foreign residents ended up leaving japan, but many have returned to the places they once called home. nhk world tracks one woman's journey. >> bear, brown bear. >> brown bear. >> reporter: jones is from texas. ♪ >> reporter: she's teaching english in elementary and junior high schools. she was first drawn to japan by its natural beauty and culture. on march 11th last year, she was in the teachers' room at her high school when she found the most intense earthquake she'd ever experienced. she left the school and went home. sara speaks some japanese, but she couldn't make out the insistent announcement on the tv. she looked up the word and it meant evacuation. she's close to the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant, and the residents were being ordered to flee. she took shelter at the elementary school more than 60 kilometers from town. >> i evacuated with people. i was the only foreigner here, and no one spoke english, so it's a little lonely, i think. >> reporter: in her notebook, sarah recorded informatio
it for the western part of the then-divided city. for them there was no building, no collection, and a precedent for it. but there was the political will to create something new -- a german national history museum that was modern with a european orientation. today, the museum occupies berlin's old broke armory, which reopened in 2003 after being completely restored and gaining a modern engines y -- entrants -- entrance. the idea is to present new perspectives. >> we are history, and what we make is history and stories. like the stories of everyday life in east germany. in a photo exhibition shown on the 50th anniversary of the building of the berlin wall. learning from history with a view to the future is the museum's mission. >> in fact, it is a sign of a modern and self combination that can portray events from different perspectives. these new viewpoints enable us to gain new understanding. >> at its inception, the idea of a national disputed project, a 25 years on, the german historical museum has become a model for other national museums. >> do not go anywhere. we will be back right after th
germany when berlin was a divided city. he experienced prejudice early on. it was widespread in both parts of germany -- east and west. >> i got a political school because i was the only dark- skinned kid -- i got bullied at school. >> he made up a new identity for himself, telling people that he came from a country that germans liked. >> "why do you have black hair? why is your skin so brown?" "i am italian," and that was ok. then the gypsy, now considered a derogatory word, -- >> gypsy, now considered derogatory word, was a common term for the sinti. during the nazi era, insults and discrimination reached its height, culminating in the systematic murder of sinti and roma in concentration camps. the name of the street are heroes of a children's book, one of whom was a real person, a member of his family. it left a mark on the survivors. >> my grandfather would warn me not to play with german children, not to go up to their apartments where their parents were. he was truly afraid i would not get out of there alive. >> it took germany a long time to admit responsibility for the genocide aga
at this construction site. city officials have shet down the transit system. businesses and shops have closed. workers are piling up sandbags in front of subway entrances and buildings. >> it's very important. this will stop the water from going into the subway so we won't have a flood. >> irene last year didn't even look like this after it hit. >> forecasters say they expect the storm will pound a wide area for several days. and with just nine days to go before the u.s. presidential election, the hurricane is altering the schedule and strategies of the two main candidates. president barack obama was set to campaign in three key states on monday, but he cut his trip short and returned to washington to monitor the storm. in 2005 obama's predecessor george w. bush was harshly criticized for his slow response to hurricane katrina. the storm devastated the south of the united states including the city of new orleans. republican campaign evented eeds in the s of virginia on sunday. both campaigns are concerned about the negative impact of early voting. ballots cast ahead of the election account for 30% of
. it flipped in a city in the west of hunan the province. the firefighters who died in the fire had just arrived on the scene. smoke fills the picture. then orange flames are visible just before the explosion. the blast scattered debris and shook the camera. local reports say the tanker was carrying about 18 tons of liquefied natural gas and was still burning a day after the explosion. >>> bangkok's china town is home to one of the biggest communities of overseas chinese in the world. the area has stood near the end of the river for more than 200 years. food and architecture make it a big tourist attraction. but the community is under threat as bangkok rushes to modernize. >> reporter: the local name for bangkok's chinatown. the area was founded in the late 18th century in one of the oldest parts of bangkok. many of the buildings in chinatown have historical value. but parts are under threat. bangkok plans to ease the city's traffic congestion. many old buildings are slated for demolition. today the demolition has already started. some locals are being forced to evict from their homes. t
. >> as they prepare for the 2014 soccer world cup, another championship has been held in mexico city. >> the world a homeless soccer cup is staged to call attention to the plight of those without a roof over their heads. >> these people were celebrating with a normally would be unwelcome. nearly 500 homeless men and women around the world squared off on mexico city's square, of buying for the title of this year's homeless world cup. >> two years ago i was living on the streets. now, i am here. a world champion in mexico. i dedicate this to my family and my kids. >> homelessness through football, that is the goal of this cup. the organizers want to raise awareness. in the final, all anyone cared about was who would claim the title. chile beat mexico 8-5. the mexican women beat brazil 8- 2. >> there will be looking for some satisfaction. the rolling stones are heading out on tour again to mark the 50th anniversary. >> mick jagger, keith richards, confirm the dates and a video on the home page. the veteran rockers are planning to gigs and london. two more in december. >> he is the first man ever to b
to youngstown, returning the city to its heyday as a steel and auto industry hub. recent years have seen the local economy take a sharp downturn. steel makers left, and the auto supply industry hit rock-bottom in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. many businesses were forced to shut their doors. bruce was a retired engineer at a company that made parts for general motors. he saw it all happen. >> so many good things and so many good people work here, and now to see it in such a state, it is really hurtful. >> he worked at delphi for 30 years. he did not just lose his job. like thousands of others, he lost much of his retirement money. >> my pension was reduced to about 30% at a time when i had four children in college. i was supposed to be in my best earning years, but it turned out to be just a horrible time. >> in a bid to save u.s. carmakers, the obama administration poured money into the industry. now, parts suppliers have found their feet again, but that does not impress bruce, who says he has lost faith in the government. >> it is impossible to believe that they say anything ho
consolidated their grip on a city there. >> the southern port was the last urban stronghold of the islamist militia which made what it called a tactical retreat over the weekend. the al qaeda-linked militants were driven out of the capital last year and continue to control parts of southern somalia. finally, the world's biggest brief is in even worse shape than thought. a new study shows of st.'s great barrier week -- great barrier reef has lost over half its coral in just a single generation. >> this trillion institution of marine science says the pace of damages kicking up. cyclones of predatory starfish are the main causes along with: gas shipments and global warming. >> coral reefs provide the breeding ground for countless species of fish. the great barrier reef is no exception. commercial fishing is now mostly banned across much of the area. three 6 cents more than 2,600 kilometers along the us trillion coast. the northern part of the refinements largely intact. it is the southern part scientists are worried about. severe storms are said to have cost nearly 50 percent -- said to have c
dialogue. named after one of the main cities in the northeast. more than 300 participants have come here from across the world and across japan. they include government officials, experts, and representatives of international organizations. they spent two days talking about the 2011 disaster and subsequent recovery efforts. >> translator: we'ved learned a lot from our disaster recovery efforts. i think it's critical for us to share these lessons with people around the world. and i'm making that another personal mission. >> we'll not be able to prevent the natural hazards that threaten people around the world, but working together we can lower the dangers. prepare better, respond more quickly, lessen the costs, and first and foremost make the lives of people all over the world safer. >> reporter: panel discussions on tuesday focus on preparedness in countries. compiled a report based on the japan earthquake. japanese are woven into their culture. schools, offices, and communities hold regular drills to prepare for earthquakes and other events. the panel is recommended people in developing
attacks in our cities, but the state still has not been able to defeat farc and the rebels have not been able to seize power. >> an estimated 5 million people have been displaced by the fighting on both sides of the border. many are stranded in southern colombia. after her husband was killed by farc militia, she and her husband were forced to flee their farm. -- she and her children were forced to flee their farm. now she lives here in poverty and still in fear for her family. >> letting my son go to ecuador to work was the worst decision of my life. he was abducted on the way their -- there. i do not know if he is alive or dead. my life has been a living hell for the past month and 12 days. >> despite her own concerns, she takes time to care for a neighbor who is critically ill. she can no longer walk. she lives here with her 9-year- old granddaughter, whose father was killed. her mother ran away to ecuador. now, her 70-year-old grandmother is terminally ill. despite the peace process, people still live under the continuous fear of violence. the local school was sprayed with bullets dur
. it is called "cairo: open city." >> whether they are protesting or in peaceful resistance, and it shows the mood the egyptian people share. taken by photojournalist and emmitt -- amateurs, the images bear witness against the official narrative's. a work of street art encapsulates the message. >> it is the slogan for everyone who takes pictures, makes films, and publicizes these pictures. it is an alternative to end protests against state reporting, which portrayed the events differently. >> activist jonathan rashad shares his photos through social network flickr. his theme is the war of images and who controls who. we asked what he thinks still remains of a revolution that began so hopefully. >> all i can say is that every dictator falls. if he proves he is a dictator, he will fall, and he will fall sooner than any other. >> the younger generation does not fear the apparatus of power. after images of a young woman being brutally beaten with a viral, she became a symbol of existence. the exhibition makes clear that whatever it does, egypt's new government must expect that the people will
been placed on alert. forecasters have warned the city could hit the northeast of the united states early next week. >> to sports and in golf, some of the world's best players are taking part in bmw master's in shanghai this weekend. >> peter house and currently tops the leader board with a score of 40 under par, but he will have to be careful of his teammate, who is just two shots behind him. sunday's winner will pick up a check for 900,000 euros. in formula one champion ship, the leader looks at another the weakened at the indiana grand prix on sunday. >> the german driver dominated both practice sessions, sending a clear signal to his competitors that he plans to back his fourth grand prix win in a row on sunday. his teammate was not far behind, however. his fiercest rival in the championship came in third in both sessions. watch out. ferrari still pretty fast. but maybe not fast enough. >> maybe not. we will be right back after the break. do not go away. >> welcome back. the eu calls it a test for democracy in the ukraine. the country is holding parliamentary elections of the we
will be gathering in the city on tuesday. some locals have opened an information center to make sure their stay goes smoothly. about 20,000 government representatives from around the world will attend meetings and other events throughout the week. local business people opened an information center in the district. staff will tell visitors about tourist destinations around the city. members of the japan national tourism organization are ready with maps and tablet devices to help people find restaurants and tourist sites. >> translator: i hope many visitors will get a sense of what's great about japan, tokyo. i'd like them to visit again and spread the word. >> they will get free wi-fi service and measure buildings. they will also take walking tours to see the district and the imperial palace. >>> employment figures in the united states show improvements in september as the presidential campaign heats up in the country the news could provide a boost to president barack obama. u.s. department officials say the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% last month down 0.3 percentage points since august. the low
in the city of kobe. they can't start the trial until april. any clinical test using ips cells first has to be screened by the health ministry. kyoto university professor yamanaka won the nobel peace prize this year for it. >>> north korean officials are trying to get their economy to grow. they gave japanese reporters their first look at one of their zones and shows them how they're trying to attract foreign investment. reporters from nhk and other japanese media visited a special economic zone in the port city of rason. the region is the the northeast bordering china and russia. it has three piers will long cranes. one pier is leased by chinese officials. they use it to ship coal to china. another is leased by russian officials. it's under repair. the seafood processing plant praised kim jong-un and encouraged to raise money. the plant processes 30,000 tons of shellfish and grab per year for export. the north koreans are trying to attract chinese tourists. they built a seaside hotel. the hotel has a casino and and staff. they may have invited japanese media to show they're rebuilding t
are fighting in cities of aleppo and homs. landed in a town in turkey and killed five people. turkey's troops have retaliated by firing into syria. to continue his tour in turkey and egypt. he hopes to go to syria next week and meet president assad. >>> now here's the three day world weather forecast. >>> that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us. .
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)